Sunday, September 20, 2009

oo! If you click on the pictures, they get big and zoomed in! Awesome, do that!

Demon Mickey, Take 1

Demon Mickey (Attempt 1), dry pastel

Oh gosh. First off, I'm not super pleased with this at all, it has so many issues. The little kid doesn't look little enough, and doesn't interact with Mickey the way it ought to. Mickey Mouse looks too happy, even though that is what I was going for, and he needs to be more raw and distorted. I like the chainsaw itself, the way it juts out, but the way Mickey is holding it is not dynamic enough. Looks like shit, but here you go Eric. There is a good chance that I'll tackle this subject again in the future, but I can't say how long that will be, and so here is my first attempt. Might do it with a different medium, like acrylic paint, or a combination of acrylic paint and I don't know, we'll see. A Dadaism collage sort of approach might work. Hmm.....

Frosh Art 9" x 12"

Warped, oil pastels
I love this, really love how it turned out. I approached it intending it be oriented 90 degrees clockwise from how it is now, with elongated faces in silhouette, but in the end I like it better this way. This was one of my first attempts at using oil pastels. I achieved the fuzziness of the picture by blending the the oil pastels with a large rubber eraser.

Composition #7, crayon
Not my favorite, but the left side of the picture looks a lot cooler in person, with the orange circles peeking through the magenta color.

Bubbles, crayon
I like how this turned out. Something that I would do, for sure.

Hawaiian Punk, crayon
I am torn with this one. I like how dynamic it is, but I'm not crazy about the fruity color scheme and the hawaiian flower. I tend to draw flowers when I have no idea what to draw, and so this was one of those drawings.

Reflections #2, ink
I am in this rut drawing people sitting alone under trees, looking out at the horizon deep in thought. It's rooted in my personal experience, I did a lot of this during my last semester of high school in the state park. I usually draw these sort of drawings with the figure's back to me, and so this time I thought I'd turn the scene around. The squigglies in the background represent all my thoughts and reflections, and the blank bit in the lower right corner, where the girl's gaze is looking represents the future, which hasn't be written yet.

Eye of the Radioactive Storm, ink, crayon
Haha, I don't know, I like it thought.

Santa, ink, crayon
I was just sort of drawing interlocking squiggly lines, and in the end I thought it kind of looked like Santa, like his beard. So I colored over it with red and called it Santa.

Reaching, ink, crayon
The concept behind this is that the girl in the red dress is the ideal female, and the blue shadowy girls are reaching out to her, wanting to be her. Not really motivated by my own insecurity though. I actually approached it as something else entirely, though I can't remember what, can turned into this.

Bursting Buzz, ink
I LOVE this. I really do, for no particular reason, this is just something representative of my style.

Rhythmic Industry #5, pencil, ink, marker
The name is irrelevant. lol Just an abstract composition where I played with movement.

Out of Place, pencil

This is one of the first things I drew here in college. It's a representation of how I felt coming into college, which was a mixed feeling of being overwhelmed, intimidated, and out of place. Focusing on art served as a nice escape for this drawing. (And a long one too! This much shading takes a long while.)

Sloughing Somber, pink, colored pencil, crayon
I LOVE this. This is my favorite drawing from all of my frosh artwork, and it's a shame that this photo doesn't really capture how awesome it looks at all. :P

Reflections, pencil, crayon
This is another Reflection drawing. I made the tree light green to make give it more visual interest, and because I didn't feel like drawing with pencil anymore. lol I like this picture a fair amount, though the background could have been developed more, for sure.

Hot, crayon
I drew this when it was really hot in Berkeley. The colors in the drawing are warmer in person.

ffff Eyes, crayon, marker
This was a shitty marker drawing of eyes that I attempted to recover with crayons. It looks alright now. I might make the background darker later.

Untitled, pencil, marker
In-between classes doodle that I decorated with blue markers when I got back to my dorm room. I like it ok, but the bottom, but I wish I had extended the beam of light that radiates downward all the way down instead of going over it cutting it short with blue marker.

Flimsy Trees, crayon, black ink, red ink
This isn't impressive at all, but there is something in its minimalism that I still like. Basically I drew the trees, horizon, and sun with thin red and black lines, and then lightly colored over them with crayon.
Radial, crayon, black ink
I might have drawn this before coming here, but I'm not sure. Just fun stuff with crayon.

Frosh Art -5.5'' x 8.5''

Tree of Nature, pencil
I have a thing with drawing trees. Pretty much every drawing I did for my art class senior year had a tree in it. On the horizon you might notice this mountain peak that looks like a thumbs up. This is inspired by Louis Sachar's book Holes, for no real reason except it happened like that.

Thoughts, pencil
Unimpressive sketchbook drawing. I still kind of like it, it's very me.

Jazz, crayon
Fun stuff, aren't crayons awesome?? They are for shiz my favorite medium right now. lol

Flower Highlighter, crayon, pencil, magazine cut out (picture of painting by Kandinsky that I found in time magazine! :D)
I drew a messy flower with highlighter, outlined it with pencil, colored over it with crayon, et voila. I like it. Whatevs. And Kandinsky is awesome.
Shower, pencil
First thing I drew in my new sketchbook, which I bought when I found this awesome art store here. In retrospect, I think it looks like a shower.

I AM TIRED, pencil
If you can't see, under each horizontal line it says "I AM TIRED". I was tired.
Untitled, pencil and crayon
Kind of cool, kind of took five minutes.
Bubbly Fizz, pencil and crayon
Whatever, random futuristic, bubbly doodle. I'm not crazy about it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Summer Art

Series of Dry Pastel Drawings (dimensions 14' x 17')

Helloo, and welcome to my new art blog! Art is my uber passion, and so after thinking long and hard about it, I decided that it is only natural that I start this up. That, or I stole Eric's idea. Whichever.
Anyhoo, I would like to start this blog with a series of dry pastel drawings that I made this summer. My intention in making them was to give them out as sentimental, omg-we-are-all-going-our-separate-ways gifts to my close group of friends in high school. However, I never really had the opportunity to give them, and after being in Berkeley less than a few days, my mom found them and decided to frame them and display them in our stairwell. So.
I think they turned out nicely though. Each one is meant to capture one of my friend's personalities, and I think I achieved that.