Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frosh Art -5.5'' x 8.5''

Tree of Nature, pencil
I have a thing with drawing trees. Pretty much every drawing I did for my art class senior year had a tree in it. On the horizon you might notice this mountain peak that looks like a thumbs up. This is inspired by Louis Sachar's book Holes, for no real reason except it happened like that.

Thoughts, pencil
Unimpressive sketchbook drawing. I still kind of like it, it's very me.

Jazz, crayon
Fun stuff, aren't crayons awesome?? They are for shiz my favorite medium right now. lol

Flower Highlighter, crayon, pencil, magazine cut out (picture of painting by Kandinsky that I found in time magazine! :D)
I drew a messy flower with highlighter, outlined it with pencil, colored over it with crayon, et voila. I like it. Whatevs. And Kandinsky is awesome.
Shower, pencil
First thing I drew in my new sketchbook, which I bought when I found this awesome art store here. In retrospect, I think it looks like a shower.

I AM TIRED, pencil
If you can't see, under each horizontal line it says "I AM TIRED". I was tired.
Untitled, pencil and crayon
Kind of cool, kind of took five minutes.
Bubbly Fizz, pencil and crayon
Whatever, random futuristic, bubbly doodle. I'm not crazy about it.

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  1. Wow, this is all great. I especially like the "I Am Tired" piece. I get tired just looking at it. ;)